: Entertainment ticket booking system

What is is a website which provides you facility to book most of the entertainment tickets like tickets for Movies, Events, Games or Plays. You can search theaters, show times for movies, events, games, plays, happening around the city. You can book the tickets and the ticket details will be given to you on your authenticated email address/phone number after successful payment competition.


The Motivation to develop the ticket booking system for entertainment was from the issues I suffered while booking tickets for events or movies from different websites. Currently, there are too many ticket booking websites available on which we can book movie tickets like or eventful on which we can book tickets for events but I have to navigate through too many websites to book tickets for movies, events, plays or games that is really a pain of neck not only because I have to go through bunch of websites but also I have to remember or maintain credentials for the websites from which I booked the tickets. When thousands of websites are being offered on the internet and people have lots of online accounts. It is definitely not easy to maintain all credentials for your hundreds of online accounts. Moreover, most of the websites related to entertainment are available in English but when it comes to people who does not know English that much, they would never use these websites to book tickets since they suffer from the difficulties to understand the details. To resolve this issues I came up with an idea of ticket booking system for entertainment on which people can book tickets without navigating to different websites and there is less pain to maintain credentials also this ticket booking system provides user to translate the website into other language so that language barrier would not be an issue to use the website.

Target Users

The intended user of the system are all who tends to purchase tickets for movies, events, and games online. They belong to any of the age group starting from teenagers to old age people who are retired. The system will be visited more frequently by people who spend more time on entertainment. There is no special skills required to use the website, user who uses smartphones and internet can easily use the system. Mostly people who wants to save their time from searching through different website and compare the prices are the users of the system.

How to use it?

The homepage displays popular movies, featured events, games and plays for the current date. You can select the location by entering zip code and the system will show you best options according to what is happening around your city. You can sign up for the website if you are new user or if you only want to see details about the movies or events there is no need to sign up. The Sign up/ Sign In is required if user is making purchase from the website. Existing user can simply sign in to the system through their registered email address and password. You can search for specific movies, events, games or plays by typing keywords in the search bar provided. The image slide show shows most popular movies, events, games or plays on which user can click and the system will provide details for that selection. You can translate the website into another language from the list provided.

On the home page you may click on one of the featured movie and that will leads towards movie details page where you can found the movie details like the movie duration, what is movie about, movie genre, reviews of movie. You can select book now to book the tickets and the system will give you the list of theaters nearby your location which is currently showing the movie of your interest. You can simply check the price by hovering over to the movie timing details so it would be easier to compare the prices of multiple theaters. You can select the theater, show time and number of tickets and add to cart. In a similar way you can search and add tickets for events, games or plays to the cart and checkout all tickets at once. You can review the cart details and remove the tickets from the cart. By providing valid payment details you can purchase the tickets and the ticket details will be given on your registered Email address/Phone number. On successful ticket booking you will be redirected to the page where you can contact to the team for any kind of question related to purchase. The movies page enlist the popular movies at the current time and you can use different filters according to your interest to see movies. In similar way described above you can click on movies and it will give you movie details and book now will leads to towards the page of theater list. I have not implemented pages for events, games and plays but it will look similar like movies page.

Some of the screen shots of system:

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Technology Used

The system is a web application developed using HTML5/CSS/JavaScript/JQuery /Bootstrap to give user best look and feel. It is built using these technologies so that it would be easier to extend the system to add more functionalities. JavaScript gives quick response to the user so that user can avoid time for processing inputs. Bootstrap gave me proper layout to set certain components at particular position on the web page. Sine, the system was too large and because of lack of time I did not get time to add database but I am currently working on that part. As part of Developing User Interface I tried to focus on giving best user interface to user.

Future Work

The future work involves many additional features to be added to the system. E-wallet can be added so that user don’t need to make transaction from his credit or debit card. User can simply transfer money to E-wallet within the website and make purchase using E-wallet money. The functionality of reminders can be added so that user will receive reminder saying that they have to attend movie, event or game today this would avoid the chances when user forget about the movies or events if they have booked tickets long back. Ticket cancellation facility can be added so that if there is change in plan user can cancel the tickets and he can get the refund back if it is refundable. The system can be integrated with Facebook to retrieve the Facebook events from user’s Facebook account and user can book event tickets for his event list on Facebook through the system even though this feature is hard to implement but still it is  achievable.

Video and Open Source code

Video Link :

GitHub Link :

Spinfi – A better way to track your time by simple design


This application is to address a know issue for hourly employees in managing and 2016-06-12_1549recording time on various projects.Current time tracking systems may not be practical largely in part because only one data point is recorded mainly one task to one time duration. However, for professionals such as architect which could be working on several projects this methodology is impractical. Current methods to address this multi-task / multi-project environment firm use advance time recording systems such as ADP or Microsoft Excel to associate their time with various projects. This can be cumbersome and error prone since it requires the employee to be familiar with a complex system and find it difficult to form habits in recording their time. Another factor is that the user must be near a computer in order to record this information. In many cases the time recorded is at best an estimate. The main problem we attempt to address is… can a simple time mobile productivity application allows users to focus on their tasks and be more productive. The Spinfi application allows users to use a more intuitive way to record and invoice their time while providing an easy to use interface to assign various tasks, in turn this may improve accuracy and record keeping.


The intended users would be working professionals that need a better way in tracking and billing their time. Some professionals would include (lawyers, accountants, architects, programmers, etc…). However, the system could also be used also for self-help purposes in tracking how much time is spent during the day on various tasks. The main goal of the professional users be to track and report their time in order to invoice and collect fees based on services rendered. As for the non-professional self-help user this system could be used for feedback, better focus, or habit generation since the application can determine what tasks users spend most time on and change their habits accordingly. Some possible constraints of the system would be concurrent task collection, the user forgetting to change the task as the system is not aware of the user’s actions, and improper designation of tasks with actual task.2016-06-12_1545.png

Key Features:2016-06-12_1545.png

  • Turning dial to associate time record with tasks or project assigned allows user to use their fingers as they would naturally to turn.
  • Time can be stopped, started, or resumed by a push of a button.
  • Three dials allow up the eight task to be recording simultaneously.
  • User can be allowed to enter user data on profile page.
  • User can view statistics collected for each task and dial (future works)

Future Work:

Future implementation would have a improved dial interaction and improved swiping capabilities to allow the user to close menu more easily. Additionally, tasks would be able to have a draggable features allowing users to move tasks between dials. Turning dials could be assigned a label assigned by the user. Future work be would include a full implementation for the analytical capabilities of the application allowing user to interpret their results and generate file to export to other application such as excel. Additionally to extent the user experience beyond the phone application web interface could be developed for user to more fully manage their task and which would improve cross platform capabilities of the application.


Spinfi – Application Use and Demonstration – Application Interaction


What’s Cooking?


There are many mobile applications that offer some recipe organization but they frequently offer user recipes from various websites such as or Some of these applications offer intriguing ways to interact with recipes while other applications offer countless ways to search for recipes within their databases. There are also existing applications that allow users to create and edit their own recipes but they do not offer the search filters found in other applications. The gap between these mobile applications lies between creating custom recipes and searching or filtering such recipes.



Remember mother’s lasagne that she claimed to have been passed down from generations? What about the dish on Gordon Ramsay recipe you tried and eventually perfected? Perhaps it is difficult to remember all these recipes and their respective cooking methods because they were all written down on pieces of paper that are now lost in the kitchen drawers. It is very common for the household chef to experiment with ingredients but they often have trouble remembering the recipes after discovering a new tasteful combination of flavors. Moreover, they must remember the techniques and instructions in order to reproduce the same tasty results.


Key Features?

  • Minimal Design

The design of the interface is simple yet flexible. The home page immediately shows the recipe library with a search bar and filters at the top of the page. Creating, editing, and viewing a recipe are all done on the recipe page to streamline the interface

  • Search Filters

Filters allow the user to search for recipes based on preparation time, cooking techniques, courses, and cuisine. In addition, the search bar can be used to search for general keywords.

  • Customize and Edit Recipes

One of the main focus of this application is to allow users to create their own recipes. Once created, these recipes can be altered as desired. Because this can all be done on the same pages, users benefit from the convenience and flexibility of the interface.


What Next?

To fully bridge the gap between current mobile applications with user needs, the ideal application would support both custom and system recipes. An ideal application should aggregate recipes found on the most popular recipe websites such as Epicurious and AllRecipes. The ideal application can also support a shopping list feature in which users can select the desired recipes and generate a shopping list containing all the required ingredients.

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Source Code?


CiteMap – For intuitively simple note organization


In our society, we place much importance on the knowledge we possess. While note-taking is a skill most people learn in school starting at an early age, sometimes there is a need to have a convenient and fast method of storing thoughts in a representation that we each find personally intuitive. CiteMap started out as a way to map paper references in a visual and spatial model in order to aid in organizing research, but later became a way to serve more generic use cases in storing notes. The interface focuses on simple, minimalistic design that allows the user to write down their thoughts quickly. The system is implemented as a web-based application that lets users interact with their graph-like stored representation in real time.


Should I use it?

CiteMap is intended to be simple enough for anyone to use, yet powerful enough to let you organize your thoughts very quickly so you don’t lose your thought process. Rather, this application is designed to work with you and let you store your thoughts in a spatial way that makes sense to you.

How does it work?

  • Web-based application
  • Leverages HTML5’s Canvas for real-time interaction
  • GUI coded using just HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Designed to work without external libraries

How do I get it?

  • Download it here and open up the HTML file in a web browser!
  • Or test it out live, here!

How do I use it?

  • Double click mouse to create node
  • Double click node to edit content in-place
  • Create links by holding a key and dragging
  • Zoom and pan by mouse scrolling and dragging empty space

Upcoming features!

  • Database server to allow for storing and saving your workspace
  • Node searching and filtering in case you have a lot of notes!
  • Better link management

Want to know more? Check out this video!


I wish roommates were like ants leading their lives in timely, orderly and responsible fashion. We have forever taken our loved ones for granted and the small daily things they do for us like the filled pot of coffee at the coffee maker, the tough stain cleaned on your favourite dress and the incessant presence of food in the refrigerator!

Now I look back those memories when I am nagged by my growling stomach at midnight and the empty refrigerator haunts me like a nightmare.  And when the reason for my food deprivation is my roommate’s habit of procrastination or laziness, the hungry giant yells!  A confrontation with your roommate is the last thing you would  wish when he/she is on a  coffee consumption rate of 3 cups/hour. Now, when the toilet paper roll is not replaced can you blame yourself and still choose to be a better person and let it go? Should you? My suggestion, don’t waste your precious energy on it.

I like my roommates, friends I would take a bullet for but my human urges are likewise real. I grew tired of the constant text message reminders to run an important errand, or the ignored post it near the sink wall asking to clean up the used dishes. I wanted a better way out from this 18th-century means of communication to a digital generation. The communication gap needed a technology upgrade, Doomies stood up to the expectation, saviour for doomed roomies; Doomies is an app where daily chores management would be fairly distributed amongst roommates. It surpasses a management tool by improving user lives by introducing fun punishments which cater to improving relationships. Doomies is created to foster a considerate environment which is difficult to achieve while juggling jobs as first-time parents or being freshmen college students away from home. Here favours are not gone to waste, you can amend a task, step up for someone to help them in a chore or simply swap duties.

Today, I still run out of food and my refrigerator still haunts me but at least toilet paper rolls are where they belong. Doomies is not just used at our place to run errands but has been responsible for some cherished memories. Those creative punishments handy to get your annoying roommate straight whether you love them or not!


You can find out more about Doomies here:

Hope you have fun with it, Cheers!

Drexel Cultural Connect – Meet and Greet


The idea behind this project rests on the fact that as students we spend a lot of time on social media and lesser time on their academic prospects. However, as International students it is one of the easiest ways to contact other students.  And hence the idea of having our own social media which is aimed at helping each other out came up.

Intended Users

Existing and incoming students of Drexel University are the intended users.






Future Enhancements

  • Adding Faculty into the system – so as to aid real time discussion
  • Adding alumni  to the Network
  • Enhancing study groups by adding search tool bar to add more people
  • A mobile version of the tool to help ease of connectivity